Economy Minister of Finance, Nadia Calviño, said Wednesday that "there is no doubt" that the family's disposable income must be recovered, following the warnings made by the Bank of Spain on "the elevated optimism "of households in consumption and indebtedness, while saying that" if a family can not reach the end of the month, it can not save ".

This has been stated in statements to journalists after closing the presentation of the book 'A macroeconomic vision of the 40 years of the Spanish Constitution', by José Luis Malo de Molina, in which Calviño emphasized the need to recover the disposable income of the families . The Minister recalled that measures have been taken such as raising the minimum wage, pensions, salary of civil servants or contributions to Social Security.

"The dynamism of domestic demand plays an important role in economic growth, which remains robust in the first part of 2019 thanks to the good financial health of families," said Calviño, who, nevertheless, sees "undoubtedly "what" should be recovering the level of savings of the economy. "

Rental rates

Given the Bank of Spain 's warning about the negative effects of limiting the rental price, the minister stressed that the problem is not resolved by an "independent" action, and he has advanced that new measures will be taken to improve the " Access of young people to "accessible rentals" or levels that correspond with the purchasing power of families. " According to Calviño, actions are required from the perspective of supply, demand and at national, regional and local level.

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