Calorie table for winter sports enthusiasts: healthy nutrition on the slopes

At noon all hell breaks loose in the ski huts from Bavaria to South Tyrol. Hearty meals and lots of hot drinks are ordered. Winter sports whet your appetite.

No wonder: an avid skier or snowboarder can burn up to 650 calories per hour. If you want to remain efficient, you should replace important nutrients during the breaks.

Here comes our detailed Calorie table with the most popular delicacies from the hut kitchen just right. But first, a few basic food tips for winter sports enthusiasts.

Attention winter sports enthusiasts: You can eat this on the slopes

Snacks for winter sports enthusiasts

  • Wholemeal bread sandwiches with lean cold cuts
  • fruit slices
  • Dried fruits – also as a “trail mix” mix
  • Granola bars without chocolate
  • Wholemeal Cookies

“At high slopes there is a high need for carbohydrate-rich food during intensive interval-heavy loads such as exhausting descents,” says FIT FOR FUN expert Prof. Michael Hamm.

Main meals for winter sports enthusiasts

The basic rule is: not too heavy and not too sweet. She should avoid the fat bombs from the calorie table.

  • Pizza with vegetables and little cheese,
  • pasta dishes with low-fat sauces,
  • lean meat with salad,
  • Soups with noodles or pancakes as well
  • You don’t care

These foods fill you up well, are easy to digest, and balance out sweated sodium, which is important for keeping going. Fried potatoes, knuckles or sausages put a strain on the digestive tract and hardly provide any vitamins and minerals for muscle metabolism.

Drinks for winter sports enthusiasts

In dry winter air, athletes consume more fluids. This must be refilled regularly.


  • Mineral water
  • Schorle
  • alcohol-free beer
  • Tees
  • Hot lemon
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Alcoholic beverages such as beer, schnapps, Lumumba or Jagertee also remove water and would be able to keep up with many a large meal in our calorie table.

“Also, alcohol delays regeneration,” warns Prof. Hamm. Alcohol on the slopes is a no-go anyway, but only ok at après-ski if it’s time to take a break the next day!

food calories per serving Fett pro Portion
Apple strudel with vanilla sauce 561 35 g
peasant feast 972 85 g
Berner Würstl 301 54 g
fried potatoes 203 16 g
Chilli with beef 264 10,82 g
pea stew 411


2 Frankfurter sausages 352 30 g
Frittatensuppe 214 2,39g
Yeast dumplings with vanilla sauce 714 32.6 g
smoked 995

77,5 g

Gulash soup 240 6,4 g
Cheese noodles 489


Käsekrainer 490 42 g
sugared pancake with raisins 460 28 g
potato salad 450 25 g
garlic soup 330 20 g
1 Land hunter 140 13 g
liver dumpling soup 365 15 g
Liptov bread 270 19 g
noodle soup 140 8,2 g
French fries 355 25 g
Toast 320 10 g
Spaghetti Bolognese 695 42 g
spaghetti with tomato sauce 430 9,5 g
Speckbrot 410 33 g
curd strudel 440 13 g
Wiener schnitzel with potato salad 580 30 g
Wiener schnitzel with french fries 740 39 g

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