Callac. A photo shoot to raise awareness about breast cancer screening

Friday, October 22, 2021, in Callac (Côtes-d’Armor), in the hall of a local supermarket, Karine Vayer, photographer, led a new solidarity project by offering a photo session, free, all after- noon, to raise awareness about breast cancer screening.

As part of Pink October, I wanted to bring my little stone to the edifice of the fight against breast cancer, explains Karine, always ready to volunteer for causes close to her heart. Accompanied by Anaïs Pédrau, in charge of prevention at the departmental committee of the League against cancer, she created an ephemeral studio in the hall of the supermarket, with stretched fabrics and a predominantly pink decor, to welcome all those who wish to get involved in raising awareness among women about breast cancer screening.

Delays in screening

This initiative, welcomed by all, including those who did not take part in the session, was very successful, allowing it to fully achieve its objective. We have placed an urn to collect possible donations, explains Anaïs Pédrau, but the purpose of this operation is not financial. We first want to provide information to make up for delays in screening, due to the health situation we have been through. It is essential for us to be present on this type of action, to sensitize the greatest number of women..

“It’s a great idea”

The complimentary comments, congratulations and thanks to Karine were numerous throughout the afternoon. For Rebecca, very involved in the fight against breast cancer with her association Kerrys Angels, who came with her family to pose in front of the camera, it’s a great idea, which complements the actions carried out since the beginning of the month.

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Rozenn, with her bike, or Brigitte, both in pink, also posed, to support this action, and relatives suffering from breast cancer.

The importance of early detection

Muriel also came to share her painful experience: Today, I’ve been in remission for eight years, but I’ll never forget the day the doctors told me the bad news, and the long months of treatment that followed. Screening is essential, because unfortunately no woman is immune, and we know that early detection greatly increases the chances of recovery..




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