The leaders of the three largest denominations worldwide have made a joint appeal to the world to save the climate. “Listen to the cry of the earth,” they write in their joint declaration for the protection of creation.

Pope Francis, Eastern Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew and Anglican Archbishop Justin Welby collectively represent the largest denominations with a total of 1.8 billion believers. According to the daily newspaper Trouw, it is the first time in history that they are working together to tackle the climate crisis.

Unlimited Wealth

“Technology opens up new possibilities for progress, but also for the accumulation of unbridled wealth,” they write. “Biodiversity loss, environmental degradation and climate change are the inevitable consequences of our actions, as we have eagerly consumed more of the Earth’s resources than the planet can tolerate.”

According to the prelates, now is the time to repent and go in the opposite direction. “We should pursue generosity and honesty in the way we live, work and use money, rather than selfish gain.”

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