Call of Duty makes players invisible to cheaters

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Image: Activision.

Activision and the studios responsible for Call of Duty they are constantly banning or deleting the accounts of users who cheat in their games (in most cases installed cheating software, or cheats, to gain advantages in the game). Now, they’re testing a new anti-cheat measure that sounds as clever as it is effective: preventing cheaters from even seeing a the real players.

The new anti cheating system called Ricochet makes players invisible to cheaters. This is something they have been testing for a few months, but now they are ready to implement it both in Call of Duty: Warzone like in Call of Duty: Vanguard. It is a kind of invisibility cloak for players that not only works visually, but even soundwise. That is, cheaters will not be able to see or hear real players and their bullets. Also, cheat shots are also ineffective against real players.

The problem of cheating has caused those responsible for Call of Duty have banned tens of thousands of accounts between various generations of the game, and the popular CoD: Warzone. With this measure, they hope not only to catch cheaters and have consequences, but by not banning them immediately, they can also study the illicit software they are using and learn how to block it more effectively, if necessary. In the meantime, cheaters may be wondering why the game says there are more than a dozen players in the pair.tida but they can’t see any of them. [vía Eurogamer]



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