Calisto Restaurant: I recommend that you try it before it has a waiting list

Discerning which restaurant to choose for dinner in Madrid has become a complicated task if you want to discover the latest openings. we just tried this newly opened place and although it was full the day of the visit, it is possible that you still do not have to sign up for their waiting list to try their menu.

Calisto, we like the new Carlos Griffo

Carlos Griffo he is an expert in filling restaurants and the proof is that he savors his original Quinqu every day. In his second Madrid house: Callisto points out ways to have the room overflowing: agile and charming service, a pleasant decoration and, what is most important, a kitchen that oscillates between the classic and the avant-garde that convinces you to return.

Carlos Griffo

Carlos GriffoIf Somersault

For starters, a delicious Carabineros salad, Topped off with a fried egg that spills its yolk, giving it temperance (17 euros, there are half portions), it is a sure hit and one of the stars on the menu. Other good options are Artichokes with foie and cockle (16 euros) o la Smoked Stracciatela, Arugula and Cherry Pesto (14.5 euros). If you have gone to eat, do not miss their stews like the one in Pork, Cod Shells and Beurre Blanc (20 euros).

Smoked Stracciatela, Arugula and Cherry Pesto

Smoked Stracciatela, Arugula and Cherry PestoIf Somersault

Second, we do not hesitate to try the Solomillo Wellington (minimum 2 people, 30 euros/person), accompanied by meat sauce and mashed potatoes, a magnificent return to classic cuisine that makes you really excited to try it again another day. The beef cannelloni (22 euros) in the meat section or the Grilled Toad with Bilbaina (minimum 2 people. 26 euros/person) are also very appetizing.

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Solomillo Wellington

Solomillo WellingtonIf Somersault

For dessert, a round of classics with the Rice pudding (7.5 euros) as a flag. In fact, Griffo worked for several years at Casa Marcial (Arriondas), the restaurant of Nacho Manzano whom he considers his teacher. also lemon and carrot tart and chocolate coulant (8 euros).

The restaurant has a terrace, but my recommendation is that you ask for a table in the room facing the street: bright and with spaced tables, where the waiters will treat you as if you were a true queen.

Is: P de Eduardo Dato, 8. Madrid.

Telephone: 91 737 36 40

Half price: 60 euros



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