California wants to be a ‘safe haven’ for trans kids

California (USA) is about to pass a law that would make it a “sanctuary state” and host trans children who cannot undergo gender reassignment treatment or surgery in other parts of the country.

Sex-affirming practices through surgery or the use of hormones are illegal in states such as Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Idaho and Arizona, with criminal consequences for parents who give their children access to such treatment.

Since June, bill SB-107 has sought to exempt from legal responsibility those parents from any part of the country who authorize their children to access those services in California, even if they later return to their states of origin.

If passed, this legislation would prohibit any state authority from ordering the separation of children from their parents if the parents consent to any method of gender confirmation of their children in California.

Likewise, it does not contemplate the arrest or request for transfer of an individual for allowing his son to receive this care on California soil.

The initiative, promoted by San Francisco Senator Scott Wiener, of the Democratic Party, was approved by the Budget Committee of the California State Assembly and will soon be put to a vote in the plenary session of the Lower House.

Organizations like Equality California and Planned Parenthood endorse this state bill, which they describe as “hopeful” and believe it will end the “criminalization of people just for being who they are.”

The measure also has opponents from conservative sectors in California and has caused great controversy in recent weeks.

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From the organization Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans (parents with inconvenient truths about transsexuality), they confirmed to Efe that this is “a scandal” for them, because according to them “the majority” are minors who will request gender-affirming treatments. really they suffer from a temporary “adolescent” dysphoria.

Dysphoria is a psychological disorder that causes anxiety and distress in those whose gender identity differs from their assigned gender at birth.

“Support, yes. Love yes A therapy that allows them to explore why they feel the way they do, yes. But this kind of operation, no, because they assume an authentic kidnapping of minors,” said Gigi LaRue, representative of Our Duty USA, an association of parents against gender ideology, in an interview with Efe.

LaRue (a pseudonym she says she uses to avoid “retaliation”) emphasized the consequences of hormonal treatments and sex reassignment surgery because “when testosterone and estrogen are administered to the opposite sex, it can cause lifelong health problems.” .

Charlie Jacobs (also a pseudonym), from Our Duty USA, wanted to emphasize that they are “for gay marriage and equal rights” and that their position is not politicized.

“The human brain is not fully developed until the age of 25, so I would advocate being extremely cautious and raising the legal age to make the decision to undergo these treatments to 25,” LaRue said. said.

According to a study by Detrans Awareness, another organization against these procedures, 70% of people who undergo surgery do not resolve their mental health problems after they change gender and some even regret it.

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Data that contrasts with that of the academic journal The Journal of Sexual Medicine, which, with samples taken up to 2015, calculates the number of trans women who are not satisfied with their transition at 0.6%. A statistic that stands at 0.3% in the case of transsexual men.

For therapist Calista Termini, a member of the Los Angeles Gender Center, “there’s a huge ignorance” on the part of many parents who “don’t really know” about their children or how they feel.

“It will be important that there is good communication because there are a large number of cases in which minors do not want to undergo gender reassignment surgery and only seek hormonal treatment,” Termini told Efe, adding that for this reason “the most The important thing is that they feel accepted.”

A post shared by Mariana Marroquín, program manager of the Los Angeles LGTB Center organization, from where she provides legal and psychological support to trans people who are in situations of extreme vulnerability.

“Above any law, parents must love their children. I assure you that they would not prefer to end up lying on the street suffering from violence, alcohol or drugs”.



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