California nurses forced to work with COVID-19; they refuse

health authorities of California have given the instruction that the nurses infected with COVID-19 that are asymptomatic report to work, which has caused indignation and caused different associations of women workers to express their opposition.

The groups indicated that this new instruction from the authorities goes against labor rights, in addition to increasing the risk of exposure to the virus, which could cause more infections, especially now with a highly contagious variant.

In this regard, the nurse practitioner Ileana Meza requested the cancellation of non-critical medical procedures, elective surgeries, in order to require fewer health personnel in hospitals.

It should be noted that according to data from the International Council of Nursing, the coronavirus has claimed more lives of nurses than in the First World War.

Nurses must report even if they have COVID-19

California nurses forced to work with COVID-19;  they refuse

The regulation indicates that asymptomatic nurses must report to work

The temporary guide of the State Department of Public Health (CDPH) indicates that health sector employees who test positive for coronavirus and do not have symptoms of the disease, can go to work immediately, without isolation.

The department stated that this measure is temporary and that it will be active from January 8 to February 1, 2022. This instruction not only contemplates nurses, but all health care personnel, including administrative and cleaning personnel.

The Californian authorities they try to avoid the lack of personnelOtherwise, a health crisis can be unleashed in hospitals and health centers.

The new provision indicates that workers will be limited in their work, they must also have adequate protective equipment, including N95 face masks and additional equipment to avoid contagion.

California has an accelerated increase in infections

California nurses forced to work with COVID-19;  they refuse

The number of hospitalizations has grown in the state.

It should be noted that Southern California, especially Los Angeles County, has seen an accelerated increase in daily COVID-19 infections, which in turn has led to hospitalizations with such high figures how those registered in February 2021.

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