Calendar Purge: The Formula to End Unproductive Meetings

Las Work meetings they have become a real brake on the productivity and mental well-being of entrepreneurs. Above all, as a result of the pandemic, when teleworking and new work environments caused a true multiplication of these meetings, where on occasions too much time is spent dealing with minor issues for business activities.

In this context, the most advanced companies are beginning to limit the time and form of work meetings to improve productivity. One of the latest examples is the case of Shopifythe Canadian e-commerce platform, which has begun testing a new method in 2023 that they have called “calendar purging”.

so, just as relata Bloomberg, this “calendar purge” consists of establishing a new meeting model in the company to improve productivity. For this, the first measure has been remove “in perpetuity” all recurring gatherings of more than two peoplea decision that aims to reduce meetings to a minimum, and speed up the inevitable ones to improve the productivity and well-being of your staff.

Also, Shopify has prohibited all its employees from holding any type of work meeting on Wednesdaysfollowing the example of Meta, the parent company of Facebook, which has been applying the formula of days without meetings for some time to improve productivity and reduce the stress levels of its workers.

Finally, the new Shopify method contemplates the exception of meetings that, inevitably, have to take place between 50 or more employees of the company. In these cases, the number of meetings is limited to one per week, and they can only be held on Thursdays.

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Improve productivity and well-being of the workforce, the benefits of ending unproductive meetings

Agility when managing time is a key resource to end unproductive meetings once and for all. In this sense,Manuel HernandezCEO of Finetwork, a telecommunications operator that has managed to bill 110 million euros a year in just six years, highlighted, in an interview with ENTREPRENEURS, as one of the keys to his success model to end the “reunitis that other companies have , where 14 get together for any small decision.”

In addition, working with simple and practical monitoring tools, “that allow you to work with the information already built without having to find your life” or leaving aside the philosophy of “making reports for the sake of making them” of the large operators are fundamental pieces for that the company can continue moving in an agile manner, according to the company manager.

In this context, great entrepreneurs in history such as Steve Jobs They have always been very aware of the brake that certain meetings represent for the productivity and motivation of their staff, who sometimes lose a significant part of their working day on issues of little value and urgency for the company. To solve it, the founder of Apple established three minimum rules that all his employees had to comply with during their time at the helm of the technology company.

Few attendees. The ideal number is between three and five peoplethe essentials to deal with the topics that mark the agenda without falling into rambling or wasting time listening to the whole team, which sometimes translates into repeating the same ideas several times throughout the meeting.

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Few themes. Another of the keys of the founder of Apple to reduce the number of unproductive meetings isshorten the number of items on the agenda to a maximum of three. In the entrepreneur’s opinion, this technique manages to increase the concentration levels of the attendees, as well as draw better conclusions from the meeting.

Little time. Steve Jobs’ last rule of thumb for ending unproductive meetings is to set a maximum time. Thus, meetings at Apple did not last more than 30 minutes during his time as CEO. This measure responds to a scientific fact. From that period of time, human concentration stops working in the same way, and meetings begin to take advantage of much less.



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