Caixabank customers are in luck: they can choose between one of these two gifts to overcome the January cost

Christmas dates are usually characterized by excesses, both gastronomic and economic. And it is that, during this time, gifts and gifts become protagonists. economic disbursements, which means that in the following month, January, many are forced to tighten their belts to face new expenses. In this context, caixabank has launched a promotional campaign to help make the January costs more bearable for its customers.

Until the end of March, customers who domicile their payroll at the financial institution will be able to receive a 32 inch lg tv. To do this, it will be necessary to direct deposit a salary greater than 1,200 euros and a minimum of three receipts, as well as make three card purchases per quarter.

Customers who meet these same requirements, but enter a payroll of more than 2,500 euros may choose between a 50 inch tvor, one remuneration in bank account of 5% TAE for the first 5,000 euros of balance for two years.

It should be noted that customers who have their payroll domiciled at the financial institution chaired by Jose Ignacio Goirigolzarri and meet the established conditions, they will have a full bonus of the most common retail banking services related to the account, card, transfers, receipts, ATMs or online banking.

The bank has also recalled that the people who domicile their salary in Imaginethe entity’s lifestyle and digital services platform, throughout the first quarter of the year will obtain an income of 50 euros in your bank account. However, people who domicile a salary greater than 1,000 euros will be made with 200 euros.

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Reach 6 million direct debit payrolls

Through the promotion of this commercial initiative, the bank intends to exceed during this year the 6 million domiciled payrolls. Likewise, Caixabank has also set itself the objective of increasing its market share above the 38%.

The acquisition of new payrolls, as the bank has remarked, will help to also increase the number of loyal customers, a key objective for the entity in its strategy. And it is that, the financial entity has managed to increase its percentage of private clients linked from a 64,3% in December 2020 up to 70% in September 2022.



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