Caivano rape: Milani (Fdi), 'government and Parliament action to contrast suburb degradation'

Caivano rape: Milani (Fdi), 'government and Parliament action to contrast suburb degradation'

Rome, 31 August. (Adnkronos) – “The visit of the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, to Caivano represents the return of the State to a place that has sadly become a symbol of degradation and violence after the rape of the two little cousins. As remarked by Prime Minister Meloni, the action of the government will concentrate on constant work on the territory, which ended up in the bedrock of illegality like many other territories that have become free zones due to the absence of the State.A good government also has the responsibility to protect the weakest citizens, victims of injustice and reclaim those suburbs where degradation and insecurity reign.Also Parliament, with the instrument of the commission of inquiry into the safety and degradation of the suburbs, will have to make the maximum contribution to their redevelopment, first of all re-establishing the legality without which it is not possible to create work and well-being. This is why I hope for a constructive collaboration of all the political forces in the commission in the Chamber for a joint action at all institutional levels”. This is what was declared by the deputy of Fratelli d’Italia Massimo Milani, Fdi group leader in the parliamentary commission of inquiry into the security conditions and the state of degradation of the cities and their suburbs in the Chamber.

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