Cafayate: mystery over the death of an American tourist in an unpopulated area

Cafayate: mystery over the death of an American tourist in an unpopulated area

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The Salta Justice investigates various hypotheses surrounding the death of an American tourist. Is about Delores Dorrain Naea, a 66-year-old woman from the United States, who was found dead in Cafayate, last Sunday. Her husband had reported her missing the day before.

According to her husband’s testimony, Bernard Naea, a native of the same country, both became disoriented in this unpopulated area of ​​Tolombón, so he asked his wife to wait for him while he looked for the way. Once he found the correct path, he said that he returned to the place but could not find Delores, for which he asked for help in finding her whereabouts.

As a result of the American’s call to the Police, a search began that had the collaboration of Volunteer Firefighters and assistance with drones and lasted until late at night. Bernard resumed his attempts to find his partner the next morning and that’s when he found the woman’s body.

The first reports pointed out that the woman would have died during the night in the area indicated by her husband. Now, the investigators handle different hypotheses of the facts.

In the case, the criminal prosecutor of the Femicide Unit intervened, Monica Poma, who required an autopsy of the corpse and awaits its results. She also requested the survey of testimonies and the kidnapping of the motorcycle on which the couple was supposedly traveling.

Bernard Naea gave a statement in the last hours. While Justice investigates various hypotheses, he was prohibited from leaving the country until what happened was clarified.

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