Cabandié revealed names of field owners and published a photo of the start of a fire

The highest authorities of the Ministry of Environment are already in the city of Victoria in Entre Ríos to expand the complaint they filed last month for the fires that have been developing for more than two years in the Paraná Delta, and that devastated hundreds of thousands of hectares. . wallet holder, Juan Cabandié, stressed the need for the Justice to act and even revealed the surnames of the owners of the fields in which the burnings are recorded. In addition, he showed, on his networks, a photo of a person starting fires at night.

Minutes before entering the Federal Court of Victoria, Cabandié himself posted a photo on his Twitter account of a person starting fires in the area of ​​the islands. He thus was recorded as a person starting a fire in the Paraná Delta. These Images were captured by the monitoring system that we installed in the area and are part of the information that we are going to present today in the Justice of Entre Ríos“, he indicated, along with an image.


In addition, he recalled that months ago “a deputy requested public information from Senasa (National Service for Agrifood Health and Quality) and gave who owns a sector of the Delta. There are companies: there is the Baggio family, of juices; the family of the mayor of San Nicolás, (Manuel) Passaglia; there were relatives of the mayor of Victoria, Entre Ríos (Domingo Maiocco); there was a former Minister of Economy, Roque Fernández”.

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That information has the Justice. I am referring to a public information requested regarding who the owners are. Justice has to determine if there were outbreaks in those places. Why am I naming this? It is part of the Baggio case and others where there is information, but I am not the one who has to determine what happened, I do not have the competence to make an instruction, ”he told Radio 10.

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At the moment, the minister is in Victoria to expand the complaint made by his portfolio last month.



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