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Low temperatures, heavy rain and snow, and short daylight hours. These are just some of the advantages of winter. As this separation clearly affects the mood and health of people, especially since many people suffer from severe colds that make them stay at home for several days..

Almost continuously, the medical field offers several medicines and antidepressants to treat colds and strengthen the immune system, which is undergoing a real test in this season of the year. However, before exposure to colds and taking different types of medicines, it is possible to rely only on some types of foods, which strengthen the immune system and protect the body during this season of the year, according to what was indicated by several German sites.

vitamin C

Hale Praxis reports that eating foods that contain a vitamin C One of the necessary things in winter, as this vitamin strengthens the immune system, and helps in overcoming common winter diseases. Lemon, orange and red pepper are nutrients rich in this essential vitamin for the body.

Vitamin C has many benefits, especially in the winter season.

Foods containing vitamins A

The winter winds cause many people to suffer from skin problems. Health experts explain that the vitamin A It is the most effective way to deal with this problem. Among the food items rich in this vitamin are carrots, spinach and sweet potatoes.

vitamin D

The sun is an essential source of a vitamin D It is necessary for the skin and bones, except that in the winter the sun is absent for long periods, which causes a deficiency of this vitamin in people. And you can rely on some foods to obtain this vitamin, such as salmon and eggs.

A man buys healthy food.

Variety of nutrients is very beneficial for strengthening immunity.

vitamin E

It does not inhibit the vitamin E Not only dry skin, but it also has many antioxidant benefits. The website “Hale Praxis” indicates that there are some types of foods that contain this vitamin, such as avocado, broccoli and almonds. These nutrients are very important in winter.

vitamin B6

Vitamin helps B6 It stimulates the immune system and is found in animal and plant foods. According to the site ”“This vitamin can be found in rice, bananas, fish (sardines) and wheat.

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