The National Sovereignty Day -one of the most recent holidays on the Argentine calendar- remember the date of the battle of the Vuelta de Obligado, November 20, 1845. On that date, the Argentine Confederation, led by Juan Manuel de Rosas, fought on the shores of the Paraná River, at the height of the Buenos Aires city of San Pedro, against the Anglo-French navy that was seeking challenge their sovereignty over those waters.

The resistance to the foreign invasion achieved the defense of the country in terms of borders and trade, since it was avoided that foreign products were placed on the market by displacing local articles.

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The event served to ratify and guarantee national sovereignty, involved the signing of a peace treaty between Argentina, France and Great Britain, and was recorded in history as a symbol of independence, freedom and national unity.

As this 2021 on November 20 falls on a Saturday, the government ordered that the Monday 22 In turn, a non-working day is declared to stimulate tourism, as has happened throughout 2021. But, and beyond not being a holiday itself, that day is remembered the Free Day in Public Education in tribute Presidential Decree No. 29,337 of 1949, signed by Juan Domingo Perón, which abolished the collection of fees in Higher Education institutions.

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