BVB loses against Cologne: “I’m deeply disappointed” – sport

Patience is one of Lucien Favre’s favorite words. The coach of Borussia Dortmund encourages his footballers again and again to use the full 90 minutes with an unimpressed game. They like to do that too. They only scored 18 of 21 goals this season in the second half, including the one against 1. FC Köln on Saturday. But this time it wasn’t enough. The increase in patience is panic at the end of the gate, and it grabbed BVB when their opponent from 1. FC Köln, who had previously been winless for 18 Bundesliga games in Dortmund, took the 60th minute 2-0 lead. In the end, Borussia stormed for almost half an hour with all their child prodigies Erling Haaland, Jadon Sancho, Giovanni Reyna and Youssoufa Moukoko – but apart from the connection goal by Thorgan Hazard (74th) they didn’t succeed. After this 1: 2 (0: 1) defeat against the basement child Cologne, a new debate will begin in Dortmund about mentality, willingness to play for the title and the coach Favre. And yet they had just come back on the right track. “I am deeply disappointed,” said Favre.

The Cologne team, on the other hand, experienced a relief at the final whistle after five minutes of nerve-wracking stoppage time that should have been felt as a pressure wave across Dortmund. The trainer Markus Gisdol, out of sheer joy, didn’t know what to do with his energy and simply pushed the Kingsley Ehizibue in front of him away with enthusiasm. However, the latter did not hold it against him at all. Interestingly, the two goals with which the Rhineland outsiders defeated the Westphalian favorites were completely identical: Corner: Ondrej Duda, header extension on the first post: Marius Wolf, loan from Cologne’s BVB, goal on the second post by Ellyes Skhiri – once in the 9. and then in the 60th minute.

Borussia Dortmund v 1. FC Koeln - Bundesliga

Free at the far post for the second time: Ellyes Skhiri makes it 2-0.

(Foto: Pool/Getty Images)

The Cologne team made a convincing, playful plea for the thesis that no statistics, no matter how bad, should deter you from making the greatest possible effort. After eight and a half months without a Bundesliga victory and knowing that 1. FC Köln had not won in Dortmund since 1991, they took the lead 2-0 within an hour. The Cologne team showed very good pressing and repeatedly came dangerously in front of goal when they had possession. For Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho hit the crossbar once, Haaland missed his only two chances and a header from Mats Hummels was denied because of offside, the Cologne did not need to worry. “To win in our situation with apparently overpowering Dortmunders is a sensation,” said goalkeeper Timo Horn. With a brilliant save against Mats Hummels (87th), he had contributed to the surprise.

In center forward Sebastian Andersson and central defender Jorge Meré, two regular players were injured at Cologne at short notice. The 19-year-old Sava-Arangel Cestic therefore celebrated his Bundesliga premiere in the five-man chain and was not tricked by either Haaland (23 goals in 23 Bundesliga games) or Moukoko. “He was good,” said his coach Gisdol with a grin at the press conference and asked the journalists not to burden Cestic with “superlatives”. “But when a Swabian like me says ‘good’, it sometimes means a little more,” joked Gisdol.

Gisdol is happy: “A start has been made.”

Cologne’s coach appeared touched when he reported that he had thanked each member of his team individually “for the self-sacrificing work in difficult weeks”. The end of the series of failures is “important for the minds”. With this victory “a start has been made, the team will continue to stabilize”. And then he looked back briefly: We received an enormous amount of support from the fans, from the real fans who love the club, love the team and have supported it. We always felt that, it’s also a small thank you. “

Favre, however, looked dejected at the press conference. “Two goals conceded this way – it’s hard to accept.” However, he defended his team in terms of attitude: “They had respect for Cologne, they didn’t take it too lightly – but they played too slowly, with too little movement, they just didn’t play well today.” However, Favre did not think that they might have exaggerated their often-vaunted patience this time. “We have lost our patience a little,” said the Swiss even about the phase after conceding the goal to make it 2-0. “We played too hastily.”