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Buzova severely joked on a Cheboksary: ​​"My blood stopped circulating" | Chuvashia News

The Cheboksary participant still continues to fight for the heart of Olga Buzova at the TV show "Plan B" on TNT. Together with him, four more men are seeking her disposition. With each week, young people are becoming fewer. Note that Buzova is not the only representative of show business who is looking for love in the framework of the Plan B program. The company Olga is a resident of "Comedy Club" Timur Batrutdinov.

If in past issues the guys had to fight for a date with Olga Buzova, then in this issue young people were lucky. Each of the men was able to spend time with a Russian star. During a joint walk in Bali, where the TV program was filmed, Olga turned her attention to the Cheboksary participant: "Sergey, do you want to spend time with me?"

“I don’t even know what criteria Olga chose. Maybe because I was the first to feed the monkeys,” the young man said.

“She was in a divine dress. For the first 10 seconds I was completely silent,” the man shares his impressions of his star companion.

Meanwhile, Olga explained that of all the men she chose Sergei for a date because she was bribed by the accuracy of the young man: "He does not run ahead of the rest."

However, between pleasant moments on a date, questions were uncomfortable for a Cheboksary. So, the star was puzzled by the moment that the young man during the casting asked her to record a video for friends. Sergey Korobkov hastened to explain that he did it for the sake of a friend for whom that day was special.

"I have the feeling that I am interested in you, like Olga Buzova. I dream that I would walk along the street and no one knew who I was, that I just liked it. That I would not be asked to record a video on the first day of acquaintance," the singer said in a voice of tears.

However, quite in time, the tense situation between Sergey and Olya was relieved by the unexpected appearance of Timur Batrutdinov with one of the participants, who is fighting for the bachelor’s heart.

This did not seem to hinder Sergey and Olga's communication. After all, the girl continued to ask the man uncomfortable questions. One of them concerned the difference in age. After all, a Cheboksary is 8 years younger than his companion. However, Korobkov did not confuse this fact.

“I just want to say that I’m not fooling you. I came here to you, and not to Olga Buzova,” the basketball player assured.

After Sergey’s meeting, another exciting event awaited – the selection ceremony, when two of the contenders for the hearts of the main characters leave the project. But before that, all the guys had fun on the roast. The participants laughed at each other and at the main stars of the program, who answered the same. One of the “toughest” jokes of Olga Buzova touched a Cheboksary.

"You gave me a gift and said that I can see it in two cases: either when you are alone here or when you leave. I did not open it, but I really want to open it. For this, you will have to leave today," said Buzova.

After a long silence of all those present, who felt that the jokes unexpectedly turned into a serious conversation, Olga said: "This is a joke."

“My blood stopped circulating,” said Sergey, who literally changed his face after what he heard.

However, this time the project left the opponent of Sergei Korobkov. The next issue will be shown on TNT on November 17.

Plan B show with Buzova and Batrutdinov 5th edition (11/10/2019) on TNT


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