Allegedly, on September 3, 2018, the person wearing a ski mask entered the house belonging to Metin Büyükşen while the door was open. The unidentified assailant fired at retired officer Metin Büyükşen with a shotgun in his hand. The attacker, who also fired at Necla Büyükşen, injured the couple’s daughter Büşra with the butt of the rifle and escaped. Büşra Büyükşen, who was injured by the blow to the head, asked for help from the neighbors after the incident. Buyuksen, who got into his neighbor’s car, went to the gendarmerie and told about the incident. The gendarmerie teams who came to the house found the lifeless bodies of the couple Necla-Metin Büyükşen. The injured Büşra Büyükşen was also taken to Konya Numune Hospital by ambulance and was treated.