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Are you planning to sell the Sony PS5 again in the new week? We’ll tell you what the chances of getting a new product in the OTTO online shop are.

Update from 09/13/2021: New week, new luck – maybe? OTTO has been putting us off selling the PS5 for a few weeks and has not yet announced a new drop for the console. The last replenishment from the mail order company took place on August 24th. instead, it has now been more than two weeks since OTTO last sold consoles. So how’s the PS5 doing this week?

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Type Stationary game console
Generation 09. Console generation
Storage medium Blu-Ray
Release 19. November 2020

Buy PS5: Consoles at OTTO – chances of supplies in September

Whether OTTO will have the PS5 on offer again this week cannot be said with any certainty at the moment. Since the last replenishment was several weeks ago, you should definitely keep an eye on the mail order business – but there is no guarantee. The PS5 could only be ordered from two markets this month, namely MediaMarkt and Saturn. With the two chains, however, it was only possible to reserve the console on site and against a deposit.

Update from September 8th, 2021: Yesterday we reported that sales of the PS5 in Germany seemed to have stalled a little. Today, market leader Amazon is already punishing us with the lie and selling the PlayStation 5. At around 9:15 am, the PS5 was available again at the retailer – basically, that’s also a good sign for a supply of the PlayStation 5 at the second largest German online retailer OTTO.

Usually the drops come bundled. If one of the big PS5 dealers sells, the others often add more in the next few days. Since OTTO has not listed any more supplies in its shop for some time, it seems doubly likely that the mail order company from Hamburg will be able to add more soon. A PS5 drop on Thursday or Friday at OTTO does not seem out of thin air, so keep your eyes open.

Buy PS5: replenishment from OTTO – So it is about new consoles in the mail order business from Hamburg

Original message from September 7th, 2021: Hamburg – Is there something else to come, or are we finished? At the moment, quite a few players at the Hamburg mail order company OTTO and the PS5 are likely to think that. Many secretly expected that the MyToys and Baur subsidiaries would soon be replenished after the last console drop. The two PS5 dealers have not followed suit and are still a long time coming. So what about the PS5 replenishment in the OTTO cosmos – is there anything else to come?

Buy PS5: replenishment from OTTO – more chances of getting new consoles than some people know

OTTO sells the Sony PS5 at regular intervals. The mail order company from Hamburg is one of the big three of the retailers who carry the PlayStation 5 in their range. Aside from Amazon and MediaMarkt / Saturn, there is nowhere else more console supplies than at OTTO. This is not a big surprise, because OTTO is actually the second largest mail order company in Germany after Amazon.

Buy PS5: Current situation at OTTO – When will the supplies come?

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But it is not really easy to get hold of the PS5. At OTTO, too, buying a PS5 with a drop in the console is like gambling. Either you are in the right place at the right time and put the PlayStation 5 in the safe shopping cart or not – and then it simply means: bad luck. Once too late you have to wait until a new delivery of PS5 consoles arrives at OTTO.

Buy PS5: New consoles at OTTO – This is how it looks with replenishment

What very few people know, however, is that OTTO is not the only point of contact for the mail order company from Hamburg where PS5 supplies are sold. In fact, the PS5 dealers MyToys and Baur also belong to the company. So if there is a PS5 drop at OTTO, you can be pretty sure that MyToys and Baur are also hot candidates for PS5 replenishment. The double drops are not set at OTTO and then MyToys or Baur, but they often came.

This is what happened with the last OTTO drop. On August 26th, the PS5 was once again in stock for a short time, but the hoped-for replenishment from MyToys and Baur has so far failed to materialize. But it is not yet possible to say when the next real replenishment will come. MediaMarkt and Saturn are currently back on an analog track and are selling the PS5 in their branches, but the console is on offer on the Internet. So far this week there has not been a single online sale of the PS5 – not even at OTTO. So whether we are heading for a new PS5 drought or this is just the calm before the storm remains to be seen.

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