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Müller delivers. After more than a month with no possibility to buy the PS5, the dry spell has now broken. The console supplies came out of nowhere.

Update from October 12th, 2021: The last console replenishment at Müller came out of nowhere. Now all those who were unable to secure a PS5 at the mini-drop on October 8th, of course, ask themselves the question: What are the chances of further consoles in the coming days? The answer is as simple as it is sad: not too good. With the last replenishment in August 2021, interested parties could strike directly on two consecutive days, but this was an absolute exception.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Type Stationary game console
Generation 09. Console generation
Storage medium Blu-Ray, SSD
Release 19. November

If you look at the sales history at Müller, you instead notice that there were only two occasions where there was more than one drop per month. In view of the rampant semiconductor shortage and the generally weak supply situation, we consider it more than unlikely that Müller will sell the PS5 again in October. In our opinion, the only chance to find what you are looking for at Müller is directly in retail. It is best to ask directly on site, even if you currently have better chances with other dealers.

Update from October 8th, 2021: If you are still looking for a PS5, you should now quickly go to the online shop of the German retail chain Müller. There is a supply of new PlayStation 5 consoles here. You can choose from the PS5 in the digital version or the PlayStation in the disk version. However, as with many other Drop to Sony consoles, it is said: Speed ​​is the key. If you want to buy a console, you have to queue up and hope that the supply contingent is large enough.

It is also unclear which model of the console is offered for sale in the Müller online shop. In the meantime, Sony has revised the inner workings of the PS5 a little. These are minimal changes in the area of ​​coolers and fans, which, according to current knowledge, have no effect on performance. This means that anyone who has not been able to buy a PS5 console can access it without hesitation, regardless of which model is currently being sold in the online shop of the German retail chain Müller.

Buy PS5: New consoles from Müller – fans are waiting for more

Update from October 4th, 2021: So far, dewy October has not yet struck. PS5 replenishment, console drops – that hasn’t been the case for players until now. Neither at Müller nor at other competing retailers in the PS5 sector were there any noteworthy events to report. But it will not stay that way in the scariest month of the year, with the start of the pre-Christmas business, Müller should also expect fresh consoles for the PS5.

But the chances are not that bad in the new week. There is no official statement from Sony or Müller regarding new PS5 consoles, but one can assume that the long-awaited replenishment will not be too long in coming. Most PS5 dealers have now been waiting for new PS5 contingents for over a month, the last replenishment from Müller was on August 25th. Since Sony’s priority is the fast production of new consoles and, according to its own information, always forwards these directly to the dealers, new PS5 consoles are likely to arrive soon.

Buy PS5: New consoles from Müller – replenishment opportunity in October

Update from 09/30/2021: September doesn’t get any older. On the last day of the month we look back on a month when there were (so far) no new PS5 consoles at Müller. No replenishment, no PS5 drop – nothing. Presumably it will stay with Müller towards the end of the month despite the strong PS5 performance. In the past, the last few days of the month were popular with fresh PS5 replenishment.

It seems more likely these days, however, that the new PS5 consoles will probably hit the beginning of the month. Almost traditionally, the drops of the PS5 pile up at the beginning of the month, so there is nothing to prevent Müller from being there this time. We’ll keep an eye on Müller for you, should there be anything happening at the German PS5 dealer, we will of course inform you about it. If you are also interested in what is happening at other retailers, we recommend our article on the current situation of the PS5.

Buy PS5: Müller statistics give hope for new consoles

Update from 09/29/2021: When does it finally grumble again? The last PS5 replenishment at the dealer from Ulm was more than a month ago. There is still no trace of the PlayStation 5. So if you want to buy the Sony console right now, you have to look into the tube. But there is hope for supplies at Müller. The last four sales all took place in the last week of the month. Here is an overview of the drops:

  • Friday, May 28th, 2021: 8:30 a.m.
  • Wednesday, June 30th, 2021: 10:00 a.m.
  • Tuesday, 08/24/2021: 8:30 a.m.
  • Wednesday, August 25th, 2021: 8:30 a.m.

So the signs are not bad at all for the remaining two days of September. As with many other retailers, September remained without a PS5 drop for Müller. On the other hand, the times when Müller last offered the PlayStation 5 console speak against a possible drop on Wednesday. The latest sale was at 10:00 a.m. So for today it looks more than bleak with supplies. Should Müller have new consoles on the digital counter in September, then tomorrow.

First report from 09/27/2021: Ulm – It is a bummer, it is still often impossible to secure a PS5. The current console from Sony is unmolested by the passage of time, the most coveted technology must-have on the market and therefore constantly sold out. This is not only due to the popularity of the PS5, the supply is also stalling due to a persistent semiconductor shortage in the industry. Due to the scarcity, players are watching various PS5 dealers at the same time. Currently in the focus of the console hunters: The German chain Müller.

Buy PS5: There were new consoles at Müller from the start

Müller stood out, especially at the beginning of the year, with constant drops on the PS5. Replenishment of the coveted console could be ordered again and again – but only for a limited time, of course. In fact, there were many opportunities for the PS5 at Müller, but every opportunity passed as quickly as it opened up. Once online, the PS5 was always sold out in a few minutes, even at Müller.

Buy PS5: replenishment from Müller – what about new consoles?

© Müller / Sony / Unsplash

In the past few months, things have changed at Müller: The waiting times for supplies have become increasingly longer and fewer and fewer PS5 drops have made it into the shop. The last time the PS5 could be bought from Müller was on August 25th. So that was a long time ago. Players therefore wait patiently for the next PS5 drop – because the replenishment has to come at some point, right?

Buy PS5: Müller could rely on pre-order tactics for supplies

That is currently the big question. A new trend in PS5 sales began in September. Instead of selling the PS5 in a retailer’s online shop, more and more people (such as MediaMarkt and Saturn) are ordering the PS5 in advance from retailers. For PS5 retailers, this has the great advantage that customers enter their own shop twice: when pre-ordering the PS5 and when collecting it.

Every visit to the store naturally increases potential sales and so the pre-order tactic may turn out to be more lucrative than the PS5 in the online shop. We therefore advise you to keep a closer eye on Müller, you should have the dealer on your screen when supplies are available – but not only in the online presence of the PS5 dealer. If there is any news about the sales situation of the PS5 at Müller, we will of course report about it. If you are also interested in the location of the PS5 at other retailers, we have also prepared an article for it.

List of rubric lists: © Müller / Sony / Unsplash

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