Buy a PS5: That’s why it’s worth keeping an eye on Otto


The PS5 is currently being sold again more frequently. Otto could soon have consoles on offer again, sometimes in a bundle with Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, there are also these alternatives.

If available, you can secure the PS5 from Otto.

  • The PlayStation 5 is currently sold out at Otto.
  • Consoles were recently available from various retailers, so keep an eye on Otto too.
  • You can get the console alternatively from 1 & 1 and from Yello.

Otto has already offered the PS5 a few times – most recently at the end of May. The contingents were of course quickly sold out and that is currently the case.

However, recently other retailers had increased contingents on offer, including “console food”. Otto could therefore soon be able to offer the PlayStation 5 again – alternatively also the subsidiary MyToys. Check the following links as a precaution, maybe the dealer will offer more supplies soon.

At Otto from 400 euros*


At Otto PS5 with 2 pads for 560 euros*


In addition, Otto could soon offer the PS5 in a bundle with the game Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. A corresponding bundle has already appeared on Amazon Germany and Media Markt in Austria. Otto could follow suit here. It is therefore best to keep an eye on the following link:

At Otto PS5 und Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart*


At Otto you can currently find a comprehensive range of accessories for the PlayStation 5, from controllers and charging stations to compatible headsets. Have a look at the following accessories page.

At Otto Accessories from 1.99 euros*


The PS5 is still here

You can still consider buying a console with a cell phone, DSL, or electricity tariff. These offers are often available for longer, for example at 1 & 1, Mobilcom-Debitel or Yello. You can currently also pre-order a PS5 from Flymobile with a mobile phone tariff.

With a few tricks you can buy the PS5 faster than other customers.

At this time of day it is particularly worth taking a look at Otto

tip: Otto had already offered the console a few times between 8 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. So it’s especially worth checking out new consoles in the morning. But even in the early afternoon there are sometimes allotments at some shops.

Several Otto customers had reported several times that they could also order a PS5 by telephone, even though no consoles were displayed as available online. This possibility is now considered exhausted, but maybe you will give it another try. Otto’s service number is: 040/36033603.

You should rather refrain from extremely expensive offers on eBay.

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