Buttocks, abdomen and arms toned with a single exercise

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    The trainings full body They are perfect for those days when we do not have much time to exercise and we have to go to the race or for when we simply do not want to focus on a specific muscle group but want to work our entire body. There are exercises like the ‘devil press’ or burpees that are great for high intensity training.

    But not all exercises that work the whole body They don’t have to be so demanding, but they can also be low-impact. Y Laura Scanes He has shown us this in his last training session. The influencer has shared by stories his training today in a paradisiacal spot where, on a mat, works glutes and arms equally. Attention:

    Instagram @lauraescanes

    After seeing Laura Escanes in the purest Sharpay Evans style in her first steps with golf (a sport to which she assures that she is beginning to get hooked, by the way), which she has broadcast to us through her Instagram account, the influencer He’s back to his strength training with this exercise. And U.S let’s try it in our next routineof course.

    How to do the exercise

    As we can see from Laura’s story, the exercise is made up of two main movements, the push-up and the glute kick. A two-in-one that also involves the core to achieve stability and maintain position.

    1. Get into a quadruped position and raise your right leg so that it is parallel to the ground.
    2. Once you are in this position, lower your chest to the ground doing a push-up while raising your leg as in the glute kicks.
    3. Go back to the starting position. This is a repeat.
      1. More exercises to work the whole body

        If you want to create a personalized full body routine, take note of some of these six exercises that work the entire body that Laura Escanes’ trainer, Crys Dyaz, recommends:

        • Squat to lunge with press
        • Cross lunges with lateral shoulder opening
        • dumbbell v-sit
        • Medium burpee + 4 climbers
        • plank with weight
        • Straight Squat

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