Butembo: 14 alleged criminals presented to the press

Butembo: 14 alleged criminals presented to the press

Radio Okapi/Ph. Sadiki Aboubacar”/>

Fourteen suspected bandits, with knives and stolen goods, were presented to the press on Friday, September 1, by the national police in Butembo (North Kivu).

According to the urban police commander in Butembo, senior commissioner Georges Ngonzela, these thugs had been arrested during a patrol overnight from Sunday to Monday.

The mayor of Butembo, chief commissioner Roger Mowa Baekiteli present at the ceremony, praised the collaboration between the security forces and the population:

“We thank the public who collaborated with the police to catch these outlaws. These disturb the tranquility of the population. This is how we reiterate our request to her to continue on this momentum and not to give up so that this marriage continues in order to facilitate the security services to do their job better”.

The urban authority also encouraged the police for having carried out this important dragnet for the security of the population of his city.

He thus reiterated the same encouragement to justice so that it does its job and that the perpetrators of acts of banditry suffer their fate.

In addition, all the stolen goods were returned to their owners during the ceremony of their presentation.

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