But what was Steven Gerrard doing with the members of an Irish gang this weekend?

But what was Steven Gerrard doing with the members of an Irish gang this weekend?


It’s the same story every year. Saint Patrick’s Day is an opportunity to see stars from all over the world parade through Dublin. Last week, it’s Patrick Duffy, the former actor of the series Dallas, who was the guest of honor at the parade in the Irish capital. On social networks, however, the American actor was upstaged by a football star: Steven Gerrard. The former captain of Reds from Liverpool had a good time at the Black Forge Inn, the pub of two-time MMA champion Conor McGregor. On several photos published on the institution’s Instagram accountwe see him promoting Forged Irish Stout, the brand of beer recently launched for the “Notorious».

Wow Gerard at The Black Forge Inn w/ @ForgedStout 🖤🤍⚔️ #ForgedArmy pic.twitter.com/2yDmR9KpDJ

— The Black Forge Inn (@blackforgeinn) March 17, 2023

But it wasn’t his presence at the Black Forge Inn that was the most noticed by Irish media. Several of them noted that during his weekend on the island of James Joyce, the one who was recently relieved of his duties as coach of Aston Villa frequented without hiding members of the local underworld. Dating going badly in Ireland, the country facing for several years the devastation caused by le cartel kinahan, one of the most powerful organized crime groups in the world, responsible in particular for the importation of cocaine into Ireland. This group has been at the heart of a bloody gang war with rival gang Hutch. The clash between these two groups claimed the lives of 18 people between 2015 and 2021.

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It was with close members of the Kinahan cartel that Steven Gerrard was seen this weekend. He published in story on his own Instagram account a photo where we see him in a taxi with Nathan Biggie Little, a 25-year-old man, whom the Criminal Asset Bureau (Irish institution whose role is to attack the assets of criminals) considers a member of the Kinahan clan. But Steven Gerrard also frequented several members of the Byrne family, responsible for Irish affairs of the Kinahan clan according to the journalist of l’Irish Daily Miror John Hand : “Multiple sources have revealed that he spent time with convicted fraudster James Jaw Byrne, who is the father of Liam Byrne, considered the number two Kinahan clan in Ireland. »

Liverpool football legend Steven Gerrard has been in the company of the father of Kinahan gang boss Liam Byrne during his time in Dublinhttps://t.co/L4jS8Js11X

— Irish Daily Mirror (@IrishMirror) March 21, 2023

Liam Byrne is the father of Lee Byrne, who is now the partner of Lilly Gerrard, the daughter of the former captain of the Reds. This is how Steven Gerrard would have met these people. It is important to note that neither Lee Byrne nor Lilly Gerrard or Steven Gerrard have been involved in any criminal matters. However, this is not the first time that Steven Gerrard has been seen in the company of members of the Byrne family. Last year, a video taken up by several Irish media showed Steven Gerrard with Liam Byrne during a video call. The latter, the stepfather of his daughter, has spent a lot of time in England in recent years for security reasons. According to the journalist of Sunday WorldNicola Tallant, a reference on the organized crime scene in Ireland, the links between the two men could go back much further: «In 2016, when the Criminal Asset Bureau seized Liam Byrne’s home, they found a pair of football boots signed by Steven Gerrard. We know that Liam Byrne is a huge Liverpool fan, and that even when his life was threatened, he went to the stadium, on the best seats to see matches.»Currently unemployed and looking for a rebound in the Premier League, Steven Gerrard did not need this special episode of Peaky Blinders with sauce irish to redo the icing.

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Last weekend, Ireland was in turmoil on the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day. Several stars have traveled to the Irish capital to chain pints of Guinness, including Steven Gerrard, the former captain of Liverpool. The latter is at the heart of a controversy since according to several Irish media he spent time with figures of the local underworld.

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