“But what he says?”.  La Menafra speaks and Senaldi silences her: it's chaos live

“But what he says?”. La Menafra speaks and Senaldi silences her: it's chaos live

Rags fly to In Onda. In the episode of Saturday 1 April on La7, Pietro Senaldi and Sara Menafra don’t say anything. The reason? The controversy over Ignazio La Russa and the events in via Rasella. “I don’t think those twelve were great national heroes, their action had no effect on the war. If anything on their careers.” “Landini? Meloni didn’t hesitate for a moment”. Rampelli, bombshell revelation on TV For Libero’s co-director, the attack “was a barbaric sacrifice that could have been avoided. They made heroes out of the lives of others. It was an attack, history says so”. Here then is that the colleague, also a guest of David Parenzo and Concita De Gregorio, intervenes: “Partisan actions are all like this”. And then, turning to Senaldi who tries to speak again, she thunders annoyed: “Now I’ll talk.” “To your orders”, replies Senaldi. “You appreciate a racist practice”: Rampelli silences Poreč, brawl on La7 | Video “There was no announcement of retaliation, if we want to say that the actions of the partisans unleashed the Nazis… Then the resistance must be canceled – continues Menafra -. The Americans pushed hard for the partisans to light up the city of Rome After via Rasella the bombings stopped”. A sentence contested by Senaldi who concludes: “But what does he say? What is the connection?”.

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