After the legal problems that Inés Gómez Mont would be facing with the Mexican justice, the driver could lose custody of four of her seven children, since the father of the children would request parental authority.

It is about Javier Díaz, the businessman who for five years was the husband of Inés Gómez Mont, and together they procreated his first-born, Inés, and the triplets Bruno, Diego and Javier.

After her divorce, Inés Gómez Mont married the lawyer Víctor Manuel Álvarez Puga, with whom she has three more children, and for some weeks now, they have been wanted by the Mexican authorities for alleged crimes of embezzlement and money laundering.

Last Friday, journalist Michelle Ruvalcaba commented on his YouTube channel that Javier Díaz is allegedly fighting to obtain custody of his four children, after all this problem arose.

It is said that Gómez Mont and her husband are fleeing, and therefore, the children cannot be involved in this situation, referring to the fact that the magazine TvNotas would have been the one who brought this information to light.

According to the source mentioned by Ruvalcaba, he would have said that Javier has not had any contact with the mother of his children and that since 2015 he has not been able to see the children and is dying to see them.

Apparently the mother of Díaz and the children’s grandmother, would be very upset with everything that is happening around her ex-wife, with whom she allegedly never had a good relationship and would be supporting her son so that her grandchildren are with their father. (With information from El Imparcial)

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