Bushido with a three-pack baby: rapper and his wife have triplets

Updated June 8, 2021, 11:15 a.m.

  • Rapper Bushido shared some news with his fans: He and his Ms. Anna-Maria are expecting identical triplets.
  • When posting on Instagram, the rapper got emotional.

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Bushido and his wife Anna-Maria are in baby luck! The musician reveals on his Instagram account: The parents-to-be will have identical triplets.

A private photo is accompanied by words that, in addition to the great feeling of the future father, also resonate with something completely different: The personal tension of the last few months that accompanies the ongoing legal process against a former business partner.

Bushido: “Actually, this only belongs in the family”

In the photo, however, you can see nothing but pure happiness. Bushido beams into the camera while he holds his wife Anna-Maria tightly in his arms. She has her back to her lover and smiles happily with her eyes closed. The singer’s hands rest on his wife’s already clearly rounded baby bump.

Here you can go directly to Bushido’s Instagram posting

Bushido writes that it really only belongs in the family, but that it will soon be discussed in court anyway. His wife is pregnant with identical triplets. “In spite of all the hardships, fate gave us such an incredible gift,” said the 42-year-old. “Respect you my darling, stay healthy and strong.”

Expectant mother will testify in the process soon

With the reference to the court, the “For you all” singer refers to the ongoing trial against his former friend, best man and business partner Arafat Abou-Chaker. Bushido has since been released as a witness.

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However, Bushido’s wife Anna-Maria is now supposed to testify for the first time. She had announced a medical certificate for the 37th day of the trial at the end of May, so her testimony had been postponed to June 21st – then her pregnancy should at least be mentioned in passing in court.
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