Şenol Bayraktar, who rebelled against the driver who did not take him on the bus with the word ‘Honored’, was attacked. The man who met the drivers at the stop he got off was hospitalized.

Şenol Bayraktar, 44, the father of two children, who took a private public bus from Gebze to go to work at the bus stop in Kocaeli’s Dilovası district, said to the bus driver that the previous bus did not take him, and used the word ‘dishonorable’.

The driver, who got angry at this, stated that the driver Bayraktar was complaining was his father, and took the passenger off the bus by swearing and insulting him.


Bayraktar, who then got on another bus, was severely beaten by the bus drivers at the stop. After the other passengers separated, the aggressive drivers got on their bus and left the scene.


Şenol Bayraktar, on the other hand, went to Gebze Fatih State Hospital and was treated. Bayraktar, who later complained about the people who had attacked him, demanded that these people not be chauffeurs again.

Bus drivers beat the passenger in Kocaeli VIDEO


Explaining how the incident happened, Şenol Bayraktar said, “I left the house at 18:45. 5 minutes later I arrived at the bridge. The Gebze-Izmit bus was coming, I raised my hand and it didn’t stop. After 5 minutes, the second vehicle came and I got on it. ‘Brother, why are you late? I said, ‘We’re going to work, we’re running late.’ Another bus came. I got on it. After I got on, the driver had phone traffic. I didn’t understand before, it was also picking up the passengers. While I was printing the card, I said I was going to Dilovası.

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He asked where I was going in Dilovası. I said I’m going to get off at the customs. When I got to the place where I was going to land, 2 people moved towards the door. I thought they were passengers. When I got out of the car, they punched me in the head from behind. Then the driver came and he started hitting. Later, the driver who took me off the bus at the bridge came and started hitting me from behind. Passengers came and separated us. The drivers also got on their buses and left. I went straight to work. The workplace took me to Gebze Fatih State Hospital. Tomography was taken, then I went to the police and gave a statement.” said.


Bayraktar said that he wanted these people to do this job and have their documents taken away. “Because it is dangerous for an aggressive person to be a chauffeur. These people can inflict the same violence on a woman or another person tomorrow. I am complaining to the end. I will file a lawsuit for material and moral damages.” he said.


Emine Bayraktar (38) said that she called her husband 4-5 times when he was beaten. KendHe called me after his job went to the factory. He said he was beaten. His voice sounded strange. I didn’t believe it, at first I thought he was joking. When I hung up the phone and made a video call, it was really scary. He was crying, tears were flowing from his eyes. I said, ‘I’ll come right away, I’ll get you or you come out. There was no other master at work, he said he could not come. We had a very difficult evening as his wife and two daughters. Then I couldn’t reach him, he fell ill.

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You are not strong, but you have to be strong, because I have two children and if I fall, they will fall too. I have an 18 year old teenage son. I have to contain him because the most precious mountain, his father, has become this way. They said they took him to the hospital, I immediately went there. When I saw him there, it was as if he was someone else, not my wife. There is a huge eye, it does not see me, it does not see the pavement. It was a terrible moment, may God not let anyone experience this.

“Would they have left 3 children orphans because of their word of dishonor”

It shouldn’t be that simple, people shouldn’t be able to do it that easily. There can be no such thing. If my wife had died there, would they have left 3 children orphaned? My wife is a heart patient. He lives on a lot of drugs. Would they leave 3 children orphans just because of a person’s word ‘Dishonored’? Is it that easy to kill a soul? It’s a gang. This is not normal. You get angry at that moment, you can do it with that anger, I can understand it. But you plan, you follow the man, 5 people attack a man, you try to kill him.

Bus drivers beat the passenger in Kocaeli #3


I want them to be penalized accordingly. No one should dare to do this. Thank God, they saved my wife from the passengers who got in there. Maybe something worse would happen to him. I want what needs to be done. I also ask for help from our state elders. I could have been there, not my wife. What would they do to me if it were me? Would they leave it there like Özgecan Aslan? Such people cannot be public bus drivers. I want them to be punished.” used the expressions.

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