Bus driver pee posse: “The toilet door is not slammed”

In the bizarre toilet dispute, the Wiener Linien are trying to find a solution.

von Joseph Gebhard

The posse surrounding the Wiener Linien toilet facility on Reumannplatz, which Postbus drivers are no longer allowed to use, is gaining more and more facets.

As reported, the 38 drivers who are on behalf of Wiener Verkehrsbetriebe on lines 68A and 68B were allowed to use the toilet in the service room, according to an agreement from the previous year. This is now over: Since the end of April, they have been denied access by Wiener Linien.

It is difficult to reconstruct what ultimately triggered the ban on toilets: According to Wiener Linien, a locksmith tried to change the lock on the company building on behalf of the Postbus driver. Apparently with the purpose of giving them access to the toilet with their own key. Not true, says Postbus works council Robert Wurm. Rather, a Postbus driver who had the audacity to briefly use the lounge after visiting the toilet prompted Wiener Linien to intervene.

confusion perfect

That’s not all of the confusion: According to Wurm, it turned out that the in-house bus drivers of Wiener Linien also have no access to the toilet in the Expedit subway.

Wurm complains that only subway employees are allowed to use the premises. He gets support from his brother Leopold, who is a member of the works council for Wiener Linien bus drivers.

The public transport companies are amazed at this representation by the works councils: the toilet facilities on Reumannplatz have not been used by their own bus drivers since 2017. When the U1 extension went south, they were assigned the lounge in the bus garage on Raxstrasse, says a spokesman.

What could give Postbus drivers hope: According to him, the last word in the case has not yet been spoken: “We have sought talks with the works council. But nothing came back from his side, ”emphasizes the spokesman. “From our side, however, the following applies: “The toilet door is not slammed.”

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