Burning eyes, itching and tearing could be due to spring allergies but also to these wrong daily habits

Burning eyes is a very common symptom, often appearing suddenly with a gust of wind or when we are at home. This is associated with other symptoms, such as lacrimation, it could be due to very common factors in our everyday life. We often underestimate some good daily habits, with the risk of creating consequences that should be avoided. Your eyes may burn from fatigue, irritation, or even a warning of something more serious. It would always be better to hear from a specialist if the cause is not identified promptly.

One of the most common causes in this period

One of the reasons why our eyes water at this specific time of year are the most common spring allergies. This depends on the pollens which, carried by the wind, insinuate themselves into the nasal cavities, oral cavities and near the eyes. The most common symptoms are, in addition to tearing in some situations, also the discomfort that leads to scratching often and persistently. In severe cases, eczema may also arise. It is a skin disease, but it is not contagious. It is a reaction of the skin to external urticant and irritating factors.

Burning eyes, itching and tearing could be due to spring allergies but also to these wrong daily habits

But if we also check for symptoms in closed and sheltered environments, the causes could be different from a simple allergy. Most of the time, as we have said, it is accompanied by other symptoms such as redness, itching, blurred vision, excessive tearing, sensitivity to light, ocular secretions, sensations of having something in the eye. The most frequent causes would be different. Excessive exposure to irritating substances such as dust, cigarette smoke, but also make-up and detergents or sanitizers for the home. Have we ever felt itchy immediately after wearing makeup? Here the answer lies in some wrong behaviors, which we practice every day. In fact, when we feel itchy on the face or notice the redness of an area, we should stop using the product, eliminate it from our beauty case and try to use a more natural product.

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In fact, we may discover that we are allergic to substances contained in the eye pencil, mascara or powder. Better to experiment with a new product and, if the problem persists, consult a dermatologist. The same rule also applies to other cases: it would be necessary to eliminate the harmful substance. We avoid smoking indoors. We avoid using aggressive products for cleaning the house without first having aired the room and, above all, we do not stay in too dusty environments such as attics or cellars. Burning eyes, itching and tearing could be the symptoms of allergies of various kinds, not only to pollen, but also to dust, make-up or aggressive substances.

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