Buried RAF documents in the forest: possible RAF depot discovered

In Lower Saxony, forest workers have probably discovered a depot of the Red Army faction. In addition to documents, various liquids were also found.

Texts were also found in the depot, but this was already sent in 1992 Photo: Brakemeier / dpa team

HANNOVER afp | Forest workers may have come across a Red Army Fraction (RAF) depot in Lower Saxony. During tree cutting work in a forest area in the Seevetal area, the workers discovered an earth depot on Friday, said the Lower Saxony State Criminal Police Office (LKA) in Hanover on Saturday. The buried plastic barrel contained, among other things, documents from the 1980s and containers with liquids. Which liquids are still unclear.

Weapons were not included, according to the LKA. The forest area around the site had been extensively searched for further depots, it said. The barrel with the documents had apparently been underground for decades. Samples from it were sent to forensic laboratories for examination.

“After an initial assessment of the found written material, a reference to the nationwide terrorist group RAF cannot be ruled out,” explained the LKA. This is now being investigated by LKA experts. Due to the age of the discovered objects, however, the police did not assume that there would be any evidence of the whereabouts of the wanted ex-RAF members Ernst Volker Staub, Burkhard Garweg and Daniela Klette.

The RAF had declared itself dissolved in 1998. In the previous decades, the group had committed a number of bloody acts, including the assassination of Federal Prosecutor Siegfried Buback and the kidnapping and murder of employer president Hanns-Martin Schleyer in 1977 and the fatal bomb attack on Deutsche Bank boss Alfred Herrhausen in 1989.

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