Bundeswehr mission in Afghanistan – who did we actually save? – BZ Berlin

It was the declared goal of the federal government in the evacuation mission from Kabul: to save local workers! So save the people – and their families – from the clutches of the Taliban, who worked for the Bundeswehr for years and are now in mortal danger.

Chancellor Angela Merkel (67, CDU) promised to bring “above all” Afghan local staff to us.

▶ ︎ But who really sat in the rescue aircraft to Germany?

Because: On Thursday, the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) presented other ministries and authorities with tricky figures in an internal switching conference. They show that there were hardly any local staff among those rescued.

Accordingly, of almost 3,600 Afghans (as of Thursday) who were flown out since August 17, only around 100 were local workers, plus around 370 family members. Of these, in turn, only 260 people were on the much-discussed lists that the Foreign Office meticulously worked through after its own evening at the airport in Kabul – a fraction of all those who flew out!

The Afghans, including several children, were initially given food and drink as well as medical care (Photo: Spreepicture)
Rescued people from Afghanistan arrive in Brandenburg (Photo: Spreepicture)

That means: over 10,000 local employees and relatives are still in Afghanistan. Who are the Afghan citizens who the Bundeswehr flew to Germany between August 17th and 26th – completely unclear!

From the federal government it is said that the final number of local employees is significantly higher. BUT: The government was unable to provide exact figures at the weekend.

Bitter: Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (72, CSU) told BILD am SONNTAG that three Afghans who had flown out had forged documents, and four had even been deported from Germany as criminals. BILD learned: Two of them are rapists.

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► Attack in Kabul kills dozens

► Baby from Afghanistan rescue aviator named after aircraft

After all: So far, no Afghans have been identified who are suspected of terrorism.

Interior expert Hans-Jürgen Irmer (69, CDU) demands in BILD: “The Foreign Office should immediately make public who the Afghans who were flown to Germany are and how many of them are local staff.”

German military police officers and soldiers from an Air Mobile Protection Team during an evacuation flight (archive photo) (Photo: Marc Tessensohn / dpa)
German military police officers and soldiers from an Air Mobile Protection Team during an evacuation flight (archive photo) (Photo: Marc Tessensohn / dpa)

Green MP Konstantin von Notz (50) calls the government’s actions a “disaster”. From Notz to BILD: “Because the evacuation of the local staff was delayed for so long, the people affected could not be flown out in an orderly manner and thousands had to be left behind!”




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