Bundeswehr and police at the top

What do German students want to be nowadays? At the top of the rankings are old friends, the police and the Bundeswehr, although they are both slightly less popular than in the previous year (minus 1.9 and 1.0 percent, respectively). But there is a lot going on in the current edition of the “student barometer”. Every year, the market research institute Trendence asks young people where they would most likely apply for this career aspirations study.

The sporting goods manufacturer Adidas is again in third place this time after the company slipped to sixth place in 2021. BMW claims 4th place, while competitor Tesla, the best-placed newcomer in the list, is in 5th place. Porsche, Daimler and Audi follow closely behind. The Berlin University Medical Center Charité is also new to the list (16th place).

The survey was again conducted from October to January. 24,767 pupils from grades 8 to 13 took part. Their average age was 16.5 years, 34.5 percent aimed for the Abitur, 40.3 percent the middle school certificate, 12.2 percent a secondary school certificate and 13.1 percent percent the technical college entrance qualification. The results were available to the FAZ in advance.

When comparing across sectors, most respondents still state that they want to apply to employers in the public sector; at 36.7 percent, however, it is significantly less than in the evaluation from 2021 (43.8 percent). The sector has clearly lost favor with girls in particular (40.8 percent after 51 percent in the previous year). In the overall ranking, the automotive industry gained 3.6 percent. With an increase of 7 percent, retail is gaining the most fans. Accordingly, the fashion chain H&M came in 13th place in the overall ranking of companies this year – 20 places higher than last.

56.3 percent state the cohesion among colleagues in a company as a key factor in their choice of future employer. Closely behind are the desire to do something meaningful (54.5 percent) and a good salary (51.2 percent). According to the study, information about potential future professional fields and companies is primarily found on the Internet and especially in social networks. 75.8 percent stated that they use this to search for information on starting a career. Career websites were visited by 66.8 percent, events by 45.2 percent and 49.5 percent also obtained information from print media.



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