Bullet, death and hitmen imprisoned outside the Penitentiary – El Diario Ecuador

Bullet, death and hitmen imprisoned outside the Penitentiary – El Diario Ecuador

The Guayaquil Police captured two hitmen outside the Penitentiary when they were fleeing on a motorcycle, after committing a crime in the area of ​​the entrance to “La Brahma”, via Daule.

The hitmen fled towards the road to Guayaquil-Daule and in front of the regional prison, known as the Penitentiary, a confrontation took place.

According to witnesses, five shots and minutes later the Police had neutralized two alleged hitmen, who were traveling on a motorcycle.

The subjects would be the murderers of a man who was victimized on a corner at kilometer 14.5 of the road to Daule.

The man who was a victim of the hitmen was a motorcycle taxi driver, who works in the area.

According to witnesses, the murderers fled towards the jail, where there was a sufficient police presence for a operation that was carried out in La Peni.

The police were alerted and closed the road to catch the criminals. It is not known who fired the detonations, but at least five shots were heard.

To date, 1,725 ​​violent deaths have occurred in Guayaquil, Durán and Samborondón.

Witnesses said the police threw a motorcycle at the suspects as they tried to flee. The driver of the motorcycle lost control and the suspects fell to the ground, where they were caught.

The two alleged criminals were admitted to “At Peni“, until the hearing is held.

This Thursday, at least 3,000 police and military personnel entered the Penitentiary to carry out an operation.

The agents entered pavilion one and found dozens of weapons, drugs, phones and other prohibited items.

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