Bulin 47 walks this Saturday in “a juidero” after a colleague sued him for 50 million pesos, accusing him of plagiarizing the song “Bajo mundo”, which has been playing for two months and that he defends its originality.

“I want to ask the public, lawyers, prosecutors, magistrates, where is the plagiarism of the song for which they are suing me? If #bajomundo is a word in the public domain and who popularized it was my little brother #Capricorn with his program #Capricorniotv “, published Bulin on his social networks.

The lawsuit filed by Lio “El más Duro” was filed with the National District Prosecutor’s Office, arguing that it violated Law 65-00 on copyright.

According to the document of the lawsuit that the urban presented this Friday through his lawyer Quilvio Pimentel, in addition to the financial compensation, he asks the court for an arrest warrant against Bulin 47.

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When defending himself this Saturday, the interpreter of “El juidero” was emphatic: “I need you to tell me where the similarity is, where on YouTube there are thousands of songs with the same title and the same conjugated word, why #Bulin?

Hancel Teodoro Vargas Reynoso, Bulín’s real name, warned that “With this guys I will have to set a legal example” and reiterated that “I cannot accept that they stain my career with things like this, which make no sense and most of all they echo without scrutinizing the information, I can only do good without looking at who, but you wanted this, let’s play”.

Lio “El más Duro”, who said he has been in music for more than 12 years, also announced that he will bring urban exponents Haraca Kiko, Mozart La Para and Ceky Vicini to justice.

The song “Bajo Mundo”, published two months ago on the Bulin47 YouTube account, has more than 23 million views on that digital platform.