Interior Minister Miquel Buch has opened this Sunday to be able to lead the new convergent space that results from the order of JxCat, PDeCAT and La Crida, and assured that if the party and the militants believe that the his is "the good profile", he would be willing.

"They can count on me," said Buch in an interview on the 'Via Lliure' of RAC1, where he added that "ten years of mayor, six in front of the Catalan Association of Municipalities and one in the Interior" they can " endorse ". However, Buch did say that they are now "in the preseason" and that the "names dance" goes into normal.

On the other hand, the counselor has assured that the party is still "an instrument to achieve independence", which in turn also believes that it is "a tool." "The final project is Catalonia and its people," he explained, to conclude that if the new space "goes through here" he will be able to count on him.

For a long time now the Interior Minister is one of the visible faces of the sector that demands a greater integration between the PDECat and Together for Catalonia, often becoming one of the most critical leaders with the leadership of the Democratic Party.



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