BTS V-designed Mute Boston Bag sells out in 1 second ⋆ K-Sélection

On January 2, BTS and their label HYBE surprised fans when they announced the launch of their new product set called the “Artist-Made Collection,” which includes different products curated and designed by BTS members themselves, and is sold through Weverse.

The first set of products unveiled by HYBE was a nightwear collection designed by the group’s oldest member, Jin, which includes two different sets of pajamas and a pillow designed for those with neck problems.

A few days later, on January 11, HYBE finally rolled out the group’s second set of merchandise, and this time it’s designed by V!

For the set of V, its Artist-Made collection includes different types of pin sets. However, the center of attention was her beautifully designed Mute Boston bag, which shows traces of V’s personality, such as her signature green color, as well as a twilly (scarf) on its handle.

In no time at all, the Mute Boston Bag became the most requested item in the collection, with many fans preparing to purchase one of the products.

Unsurprisingly, by the time V’s collection went live on Weverse Shop, all of the products were already out of stock!

In particular, V and its Mute Boston Bag made history by becoming the world’s fastest selling bag, with the product – which costs around $ 147 – sold out in just a second.

In fact, V’s products were out of stock even before HYBE could make an announcement about it through their social media.

Many have described the situation as a bloodbath, and even some celebrities have joined in the battle.

Critically-acclaimed Filipino singer Lea Salonga even took to her Twitter to share her experience trying to get the Mute Boston Bag, saying: “Sigh… I couldn’t. The bloodshed was real, everything sold out in less than a minute! “

She added: ” So excuse me, I’m just going to cry in a corner to get over this grief. “

Fans also took to Twitter to express their disappointment at how quickly the products sold out, with related keywords such as “Sold Out”, “Mute Boston Bag” and more trending on the street. platform.

Aside from the Mute Boston Bag, the pin sets also sold out in seconds. Minutes later, fans requested a restocking of the product due to its high demand, with a “restocking” trend on Twitter.

Shortly after, singer Lea Salonga relayed that many of the products were actually purchased by bots from dealers, and expressed her frustration at this. This frustration is shared by all ARMYs.

“Looks like the salespeople (who may or may not have respect for BTS in addition to profit) are ahead of us. Yeah, I’m gonna be salted about this for a while.

The ARMYs had no chance pffff

I’ve learned my lesson and will limit my merchandise purchases to items that have been in the store for some time. Ugh, I’m still super pissed off right now. What was the point of driving down the price so that bots allegedly buy automatically and make the items inaccessible to fans? “

According to HYBE, it looks like Suga is the next member to unveil their products.

Despite the lack of available stocks, congratulations to V for a successful merchandise launch!


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