Bruno Frattasi, who is the new head of cybersecurity

Bruno Frattasi, who is the new head of cybersecurity

ServiceThe new director of the Agency Green light from the Council of Ministers takes the place of the outgoing Roberto Baldoni9 March 2023 Bruno Frattasi (photo Ansa)2′ read The prefect of Rome Bruno Frattasi is the new director of the National Cybersecurity Agency. The Council of Ministers which took place in Cutro, after the tragedy of the migrants, gave the go-ahead for the appointment. The new director thus takes the place of Roberto Baldoni, who resigned on Monday 6 March. A quick replacement, therefore, in order not to leave the top of the body that protects the country from cyber attacks vacant for a long time, in a phase like the current one that sees the country under attack by hackers. Frattasi was the chief of staff of former Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese, first under Count II, then under the Draghi executive. When Matteo Piantedosi was appointed head of the Interior Ministry, Frattasi replaced him on 31 October in the role of prefect of Rome. In this role, he put the fight against illegal occupations at the forefront and moved to increase the level of security in the areas of the capital characterized by greater degradation, starting with the area near Termini station. Also in Frattasi’s sights is the “wild” nightlife at the weekend, which recorded quite a few episodes of violence. The Frattasi option, supported by the undersecretary to the Prime Minister with responsibility for 007, Alfredo Mantovano, does not convince the League, since as head of Lamorgese Frattasi’s cabinet he “dismantled” the Salvini-branded Security decrees. At the age of 25, entry into the prefect’s career Frattasi has a career in the service of the state behind him. Neapolitan by birth (but transplanted to Rome for 40 years), 67 years old, married with two children and a nephew, after graduating in Law from the Federico II of Naples at 25 he entered the prefect’s career. Seven years later he is already in the cabinet of the minister. A “top of the class” with a series of top positions. Coordinator of the Casgo committee (coordination for the high supervision of major works). Central Director of the PS Department of Police Force Coordination; Head of Legislative Affairs Office; head of the fire department. Number one in the Seized and Confiscated Assets Agency; chief of staff of the minister. At the forefront of the fight against the mafia Father of the current reform of the fire brigade, Frattasi was at the forefront of the fight against the mafia. Prefect of Latina from 2007 to 2009, he fought the infiltration of organized crime in the Fondi market. He is a central reference in the new consolidated anti-mafia text, the disqualifications, every rule for the contrast to Cosa Nostra & Co. He has published various specialist essays on anti-mafia documentation and is co-author of various scientific publications commenting on the anti-mafia code and on the financial traceability of public contract payments. Reproduction reserved ©



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