Bruls: Strong action must be taken against extremist farmers’ actions | NOW

Harsh and criminal action must be taken against the farmers’ actions in recent days. That is the view of Hubert Bruls, chairman of the Security Council. He calls the group of protesting farmers “not activists, but extremists”, who do not represent the vast majority of farmers.

“I advise everyone not to (try to) have the conversation with the extremists, because that does not help and gives them a stage that they do not deserve,” said Bruls. Not the extremists, but the majority, according to him, deserve to enter into a dialogue with them, to “search for solutions and perspective in connection”.

The Security Council consists of the 25 mayors who chair a security region. Various security regions have been working since Tuesday morning to clean up the mess left behind from the action early on Tuesday morning. Companies that help clean up have been threatened. “This goes beyond all boundaries,” says Bruls.

The mayors have been given the wrong impression that the protests are accompanied by threats from aid workers, employees of cleanup companies, politicians and administrators. “This is willful intimidation, violence and destruction. We need to take strong action against this,” said Bruls. “These protests are fierce and lead to dangerous situations.”

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