Tatyana worries that one day she will get bored with her husband, as Elena Stepanenko once got bored.

Evgeny Petrosyan exchanged Elena Stepanenko for his young wife, who is the director of his theater. Tatyana Brukhunova even gave birth to a son, Vagan, for her beloved spouse.

However, now Brukhunova began to feel that clouds were gathering over her. The girl first spoke of a divorce from Yevgeny Vaganovich.

Tatiana admitted that after a long vacation in the Maldives, she is ready to return to work with renewed vigor. Many did not understand why the wife of such a wealthy comedian should work, and Brukhunova’s answer puzzled everyone.

“I work because I love what I do. Because I have a higher education. And then, the husband is an independent person, today he supports you, but tomorrow he will not. What will you do then? ” – gave Brukhunova.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Alexander Trubin

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