Alexander Anatolyevich congratulated his colleague by publishing a funny video. In the video, the actor appeared in a dressing gown and disheveled hair. “Dear Fedyunya, when I accidentally learned from the yellow press that you were 60, my hair stood on end. Since I never wash my head, this is for a long time! Come to your senses, where are you in a hurry? ” – the 87-year-old artist jokes.

Shirvindt reminded Dobronravov that it is imperative to meet and how to celebrate an important event. “Once a wise man said – a personality took place if it is drawn horizontally in a crossword puzzle … A pandemic, of course, is a great thing for you cheapskates, just to wind up an anniversary! But we will wait, bear in mind, and have a drink. You understood me? I hug! ” – Alexander Anatolyevich turned to the hero of the day.

Shirvindt’s son Mikhail joined the congratulations. He wished Dobronravov all the best.

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Netizens also did not stand aside. Fans peppered Fyodor Viktorovich with warm words. “Health and creative success! And Alexander Anatolyevich, as always, said everything beautifully and wisely ”; “Long time to live!”; “Shirvindt’s congratulations are, of course, the best. You can’t imagine better! ” – the subscribers reacted.

Photo: Legion-Media

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