Brooklyn pays the rent for the girls Kyrie and Durant, invests in their friends, says Matt Sullivan – Basketball

Nets actor, screenwriter and author Matt Sullivan talked about the club spending large sums of money caring for the stars Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

“A senior Nets employee who is closely related to finance said the club has been keeping an open check ever since these guys moved here. It could be renting a house in California for a week for a girl or a girl on the side, they can invest in their friends, in their homies, or purchase some kind of equipment for all sorts of nonsense. They are fully prepared to go for such things.

Renting a house with club money. The Nets stars manage to avoid spending on many things. The Brooklyn finance team showed up literally every week with the words: “So, we thought we had everything under control. But we need to update budgets every week. ” There is always something new coming up, ”Sullivan told The Dan Le Batard Show.

It is worth noting that investments of this kind are in themselves a serious violation of the NBA’s collective agreement.

The final series of the NBA is already halfway through. Do you really know its participants?

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