Bronchiolitis: the epidemic peak expected for this week, according to pediatricians

The bronchiolitis epidemic should reach its peak “by the end of the week”, the union of liberal pediatricians warned on Monday.

France still has to deal with a particularly virulent bronchiolitis epidemic this year. This Monday, November 28, the union of liberal pediatricians believes that the situation is not about to improve.

The epidemic peak is expected “by the end of the week”, indicates the union, which takes the opportunity to remind you of the essential barrier gestures to preserve newborns.

Dr Brigitte Virey, president of the National Union of French Pediatricians (SNPF), for her part told AFP “a significant workload in the offices. We have increased our consultation series to be able to handle everyone” she adds that new cases take still closed at the beginning of the week.

Barrier gestures

The risk according to the union and that the epidemic lasts. This can be all the more problematic if the latter is combined with other diseases, such as gastroenteritis.

On Sunday evening, Professor Rémi Salomon even warned of an “extremely tense situation in the emergency and pediatric departments” of the Necker Hospital in Paris, where he works.

As such, the union recommends resuming barricade gestures. Hand washing, wearing a mask when in contact with a baby, ventilation of the premises or even limiting the use of public places with a toddler are all measures that can help combat the epidemic.

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