Britney Spears has announced that she wants to release a book next year. If the information seems credible given what the star has experienced over the past 13 years, the tone used by the main interested party on Instagram tends more towards mockery, while Jamie Lynn Spears has just confirmed his autobiography. This great unpacking on the part of the youngest has indeed already made the interpreter of Stronger this summer.

In question, the title initially announced: I Must Confess, that is to say the beginning of the words of… Baby One More Time by Britney Spears. The fans were so angry that Jamie Lynn Spears had to denounce the threats she was receiving. Her older sister, meanwhile, had openly criticized her on Instagram. In the end, the book is titled Things I Should Have Said and Britney Spears made an unveiled reference to it yesterday. “I’m thinking of releasing a book next year, but I have a problem with the title, so maybe my fans can help me,” the princess of pop began.

Spades and spades

Britney Spears then made several proposals to her fans. “Option 1 ‘Shit, I really don’t know’. Option 2 “What other people think worries me” What do you say? She continued.

Jamie Lynn Spears did not react to his big sister’s post. Britney Spears, meanwhile, continues her legal fight to get rid of her guardianship and has, on several occasions, accused her family – and not just her father who was dismissed from his duties as guardian – of having profited from his fortune. at the expense of his health.

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