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British weather: Boris Johnson says major flooding in the north is "not a national emergency"

Boris Johnson said that a major flood in northern England was not a "national emergency" during a visit to an affected area.

The Prime Minister made these comments in Matlock, Derbyshire, near the place where a woman died after being swept away by a river after crossing a river.

Mr Johnson said the government had earmarked billions of dollars for flood protection and preparations because of an increase in severe flooding "maybe because of the construction, almost certainly because of the change climate ".

"You have to face the reality: places like this are vulnerable to flooding – we will see more," said the prime minister.

However, he said that the recent flood episode "does not seem to have to be turned into a national emergency".

On Saturday morning, the Environment Agency issued seven warning warnings of severe flooding along the Don River in Yorkshire. Other warnings remain in effect across the UK.

However, meteorologist Steven Keates at the Met Office said the bbc: "I think the most important thing is that the areas affected by the floods avoid rain and enjoy a break."

The northern and midlands regions have all experienced torrential rains and floods in recent days. Some areas recorded one month of precipitation in just 24 hours.

About 35 people were evacuated to Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, after the collapse of a quarry that caused a mudslide. We have seen people leaving their homes on boats in a Doncaster street.

The South Yorkshire fire and rescue services have announced that they have saved more than 100 people stranded on Thursday night.

Transportation has also been disrupted in recent days, following the blockage of roads and train tracks following torrential rains.

Jeremy Corbyn, Labor Party leader, said before his visit to Don Valley in southern Yorkshire, "This is what a climate and environmental emergency looks like.

"Every year we do not act, it means more raw waters, more ruined houses and more lives in danger.

"Floods are not a natural disaster, it's a human activity. Not only are the government's plans to deal with the climate emergency low, but they have failed to prepare communities by investing in flood prevention and the cuts imposed by the Conservatives have pushed the services of urgency to reach the breaking point. "

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