A threat” for the reputation of the royal family: that’s what William think of the prince Andrea, after his involvement in the Epstein scandal. Second, the eldest son of Charles and Diana, moreover, the uncle should never return to public life again. He writes it on Sunday Times, citing an anonymous source close to the Duke of York. A thought also shared by other royals, such as Prince Charles and the brothers Edward and Anna.

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The alleged decision shared by many members of the royal family would have been taken in the wake of the pedophilia scandal that sees Andrea called into question by Virginia Giuffre Roberts, one of the victims of the late billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. The girl, in fact, as reported the Ansa, filed a lawsuit in New York against the prince, claiming that she was in fact made “at the disposal” of the Duke of York, when she was 17, on three separate occasions.

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The incriminated meetings allegedly took place in several properties of the financier: in London, New York and in his residence in the Virgin Islands. The prince, on the other hand, has always rejected the accusations. Also, it seems that one of the few who is really helping him from this point of view is his mother, the Queen Elizabeth. The latter, in fact, according to what the tabloids report, would be paying the child’s legal fees, even at the cost of damaging his image and that of the Crown.

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