Bridges of May 2022: go long weekends and holidays of the month

In mayo another batch will come bridges y holidays daysaccording to School Calendar of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) 2021-2022 and the Federal Labor Law. We tell you what they will be.

Los bridges y holidays days that will come in the month of mayo son:

Does he work May 1, Labor Day?

It is holiday u officer will fall in domingo and it will not be traversed; however, in the case of working that day, those who work will have to receive a double payment for your services renderedsince it is a mandatory rest day.

Are there classes on May 5, the day on which the Battle of Puebla is commemorated?

Los students from basic education Classes will be suspended to commemorate the Battle of Puebla, on May 5; however, since it falls on a Thursday, students will not be able to have a long weekend.

Does he rest or not? May 10, Mother’s Day?

May 10 is not a mandatory day of rest; however, some schools hold traditional festivals each year to celebrate moms.

Are there classes on May 15 teacher’s day?

Las schools they usually give the day off to the teachers, despite not being an official day; however, this year it will have no effect, since the Teacher’s Day falls into domingo.

Is there a bridge May 27, by meeting of the School Technical Council?

It will be until may 27th when the students of basic education they will have the only puente or long weekend of the month, because that day, which falls on Fridaythere is a board School Technical Councilso classes will be suspended until Monday 30 of the same month.



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