Bride of Isparta became Turkey’s first headscarved provincial chief prosecutor

Tuba Ersöz Ünver, who was appointed as Gümüşhane Chief Prosecutor by the summer decree, became Turkey’s first headscarved provincial public prosecutor. Tuğba Ersöz Ünver, the bride of Isparta, also received the title of being the first female attorney general.

With the completion of the summer decree of the Council of Judges and Prosecutors, the chief prosecutors of 33 provinces were replaced.

Represents many ‘firsts’

Ünver became the prominent name on the list as it represented many ‘firsts’. The new Chief Public Prosecutor of Gümüşhane, Tuba Ersöz Ünver, became the first female Provincial Public Prosecutor to wear a headscarf in Turkey and Gümüşhane, and also became the first female prosecutor of Gümüşhane.
Judge Etga Ünver, registered with the population of Sav Town of Isparta, and Tuba Ersöz Ünver, who recently got married, became the children of Isparta.

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