Brezhnev made a sad statement after the news of the breakup with Meladze: “We didn’t have time to do a lot with him”

The star blonde has recently been constantly in the spotlight. Society is now particularly interested in how the family life of Vera Brezhneva is developing.

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Born in Ukraine, Vera Brezhneva reacted badly to the special operation that began on February 24 to liberate Donbass. As a personal protest, the performer of the hit “Love Will Save the World” refused to perform in Russia. Now Brezhnev is constantly abroad. The star is seen either in Italy, where she and Meladze have their own house, or in Poland, where she worked as a volunteer and collected humanitarian aid for refugees.

Meanwhile, while Vera wanders from one country to another, there are rumors that the singer’s marriage is bursting at the seams. According to information that has not yet been confirmed, the singer really does not like Konstantin Shotaevich’s prolonged silence on the Ukrainian issue. Moreover, Meladze allegedly does not want to talk about dangerous topics just because he has a serious business in Russia, which the producer is afraid of losing.

Be that as it may, Brezhnev and her husband do not speak on a sensitive topic, as if not paying attention to gossip in society. Much more Vera is now interested in political issues, as well as her loved ones. So, on Father’s Day, the performer honored the memory of her own parent, who died in 2015. Brezhnev’s touching and sad post was accompanied by a photo of her mother.

“Today is Father’s Day. Our dad left this world seven years ago. And since then, we all have one mother. In which there is enough love, care, attention for four children and seven grandchildren. We all miss dad. There’s still a lot we haven’t done with him yet. But he lives in us, we are his continuation. Which means he is with us. May your dads be alive and well, ”Vera shared.

Vera Brezhneva’s mother Tamara Galushka

Fans immediately supported Brezhnev. Many responded to the grief of the singer, admitting that they themselves experienced the death of their parents. “Verochka, strength to mom and all of us!”; “God bless you”; “Tears”; “You have one more dad – Kostya Meladze, who gave you all a beautiful and rich life!” — subscribers turned to the star.

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