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Brexit LAST: Drop Nigel! Farage said that he was likely to block Brexit with an electoral plan | Politics | New

Mr Farage was warned that the UK could end up with a "shabby coalition of socialists, liberal nationalists, Scots and Welsh", he continues to argue over the key seats that the conservatives are trying to win. A former candidate urges his colleagues to abstain or risk depriving Boris Johnson of the majority on December 12 and to reinforce the "hideous" prospect of helping Jeremy Corbyn to rank number 10.

Philip Walling, who retired from the Battle for Workington headquarters in Cumbria, said: "I beg all other Brexit candidates to do what I did: examine your conscience in the light of reason.

"And if you are thinking of risking dividing the Conservative vote and damaging so much the better chance the UK has for Brexit, then, for the sake of God – give up."

A YouGov poll of 11,500 voters shows that the Brexit party poses a serious threat to Johnson's hopes.

But the prime minister has already rejected the Brexit Party's challenge, calling the movement "old-fashioned" and comparing its candidates to "candle sellers at the dawn of the electric light bulb era" and of "vendors of typewriters seeing their first laptop". .

The pressure on Mr. Farage increased further after he seemed to be reconsidering his demands that Mr. Johnson abandon his withdrawal agreement in exchange for an electoral pact to avoid divide the vote on Brexit.

Mr. Farage has now stated that the government's political statement needs to be amended to support his party's agreement.

He said his party would present at least 600 candidates in the general election, unless the Prime Minister removes the allowance for the transition period to Brexit that will last until 2022.

Mr Farage has pledged to compete for 650 seats unless Mr Johnson renounces his contract with Brexit, but has since been asked to focus on a smaller number of call-ups. Referring to the Conservatives' refusal to reach an agreement with his party, Farage said: "It's not too late for Boris.

"He did not run his manifesto, a general election is a chance to press the reset button.

"I'd love to see him move from where he is."


9.40am: Electors lose support for Brexit

A new poll found that the Labor Party is losing support for low-income voters from Brexit to the party in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The Center for Social Justice (CSJ) found that the Labor Party lost 10% of its support to voters with household incomes of less than £ 17,000 since April.

That means only 36% of those voters support Jeremy Corbyn's party.

It is expected that 18% of these voters will vote for the Brexit party, which represents 1.4 million votes.

Update of 8:30: Boris agrees to do or to dry

Boris Johnson claims that he stopped drinking until Brexit was sorted.

The Prime Minister's promise to "make or dry" follows his failure to deliver on his promise to "make or die" to deliver Brexit before October 31st.

Mr Johnson was photographed Thursday sipping whiskey during a visit to a distillery in Scotland, questioning his attachment to the voluntary ban on alcohol.

His remark occurred while discussing health issues with nurses at King's Mill Hospital in Nottinghamshire.


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